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Have you heard of Radiant Magazine? If not, get excited!

Radiant is a modern, classy magazine for young Catholic women ages 15-27. It covers many topics on health, beauty, love, style, theology, and more. To give you an idea of content, their last issue included an article about Saint Gemma, a dating article by Crystalina Evert, a beautiful pro-life article by Lila Rose, a virtue quiz by Sara Swafford, as well as Q & A’s from Mark Hart, Fr. Mike Schmitz, Jackie Francois Angel. There was also a piece about discernment, yummy recipes, beauty tips, and book reviews. There were many more amazing articles – just too many to list here!

Did I mention that Radiant Magazine is a real, tangible magazine…that you can hold in your hands?! I don’t know about you, but being able to flip through the pages of a magazine feels great. I love that I can just slip it in my bag and read it wherever I go. Last year I bought copies for my sister and sisters in law. Needless to say, they found Radiant Magazine very refreshing!

Their 2016 issue, Radiant Grace, comes out this week, and you can order it here. You can even order their 2015 issue, Radiant Awakening. If you’re curious what Valiant is, it’s their magazine for Catholic men, which I hear is also a home run!

In addition, I’ve teamed up with Radiant to do a GIVEAWAY! The winner will be selected on Friday 5/19 and will receive a print from my shop! For more details, and to enter, check out Radiant’s Facebook or Instagram page!

God bless!


Lindsay is the founder of Just Love Prints. She is a graphic designer and artist who loves inspiring others to share their Catholic faith. When she’s not designing, you can find her kickboxing, catching snowflakes, and stopping to smell the roses. She loves getting e-mails, so message her and say hello!